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Sawdustt Beast

Beast TV: Featuring Dan Nedrelo

Never seen Beast TV?  This is a great episode to start!  Mark Newbill & Larry Porch II, with their dynamic southern style interviews sits down with Dan Nedrelo, who remembers seeing a story in a newspaper in 1967 covering the P&G film in Bluff Creek and has been obsessed every since.  His life as a photographer and wildlife biologist had him globetrotting in his early years, but Bigfoot never left his mind.

Beast TV does a great job highlighting Dan’s jam-packed life by asking all the right questions.  Check it out!

Survivorman Bigfoot

Directors Commentary: Season 1 – Episode 1 – Nordegg

If you are a fan of Les Stroud and like the Survivorman and Survivorman Bigfoot series you’re going to love his new Directors Commentary series!

Since the beginning of the Covid “one nine” pandemic, Les started adding various video’s to his YouTube channel  such as a short series parody of his shelter in place, bedtime stories for kids, a series in bush skills and the Directors Commentary series on many past Survivorman episodes and now the Survivorman Bigfoot series.  Great stuff and a must watch!  Oh… and it’s all free!


*all images are linked to their corresponding stories. Just give them a click!

Great YT Channel: Modern Explorer
Join researcher Mateo Argüello as he shares a wealth of info, but takes a very objective approach to a subject that is often slurred with presumptions and assumptions. On his channel you’ll also find a little humor as well as interesting interviews, a bit of bush craft and solid research for the “elusive hominid” done mostly in his home state of Colorado. I highly recommend watching, “In Search of the NAH, North American Hominid”.

Go Back In Time:KGW Archive: 1971 Washington Sasquatch report
Here’s a short clip by KGW8 News of Portland, Oregon of their 1971 achieve. It features some brave souls sharing encounters only 13 years after Bigfoot was coined!  This is history in the making and many comparisons can still be drawn today.

Skamania County Washington was experiencing a high number of sightings which eventually led to Commission Chair Conrad Lundy Jr’s. Ordinance # 6901 that  would protect Sasquatch to the point of making Skamania County a refuge.

Call to Action: Christopher Noël
The Bigfoot Community is comprised of hundreds of splinter groups working to expose the truth. However, very little has been accomplished. Author, Researcher and Yale graduate Christopher Noël has put much thought and study into this dilemma and now offers a solution in his latest groundbreaking video series: “Sasquatch and Civic Duty”. This idea is very fluid and has evolved into a movement that will be marching on Washington, D.C. before it’s through!  Go to the Sasquatch and Civic Duty page for more information on this movement.

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NO MEN – NO WEAPONS – NO DOGS : SheSquatchers Official
SheSquatchers is an all female, Bigfoot research team located in Minnesota/North Dakota. They’re a collection of seasoned paranormal investigators, who debunk first rather than assume everything is made by something big and hairy. On board is an experienced animal communicator, remote viewer, professional energy healer and Native American that believe their quest will ultimately establish contact and peaceful interaction with Sasquatch as well as obtain credible evidence.  Check out SheSquatchers.com website to learn more about them and most certainly join Daniela Agliolo and Kerry Arnold on Bigfoot Odyssey’s “Researcher’s Report”  as they interview Jen, Jena & Tammy this coming Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM, CST.

New Show: Hidden Existence with Daniela Agliolo
You may know her as co-host and producer of Kerry Arnold’s Researchers Report and now Daniela has her own show.  If you haven’t already you need to check it out and most definitely subscribe!  Here’s a list of her shows to date:


Stylin’ With Bigfoot: Abalone Spirit Carver
Ever wonder who made “Bobo Faye’s” Bigfoot pendant? Wonder no more it was Steven Valencia of the Abalone Spirit Carver and he is on a mission to help his lifelong friend Alan Montgomery who must be flown to Portland to have one last surgery. Steve has been using his personal finances and sold everything he could in this effort, but he is tapped out and needs just a little help. Please go to his FB store page and your purchase will be going to a great cause!

Artist: Satan Fudge
David Schlosser is an absolutely phenomenal artist. Ironically his work is so real it is unreal and what’s more he’s more than just the creator of pretty faces.  He has a second site that is truly a wealth of Bigfoot information called Bigfoot 411  With a tagline of “High-Quality Bigfoot Information” it will become evident these are not just mere words, but a reality as you scroll through the site!

Researcher: Timber Giant Bigfoot
Jim is respected by many as a pioneer of YouTube Bigfooting and was off line for nearly two years, but fortunately has made his come back on October 14, 2019.  For those not familiar with Jim’s work his video’s span back as far as 2010 and shows countless encounters.  Often he takes his sons along for camp outs and walks in the Southern Ontario forest showing us foot prints, rock stacks, structures, tree leans, arches as well as “Big Red” and the “Wild Man”.  His success is attributed to his nonchalant  style as a unaware human tromping the trail and on several occasions “the creature” would be caught on film observing him.  I personally believe his greatest (most controversial) sighting of “Big Red” is as real as “Patty”, but you judge for yourself!  VISIT THE SHOW ME BIGFOOT TGBF TRIBUTE PAGE!

New Live Show: Bigfoot Odyssey’s Researcher Report & Blue Line Bigfoot Wednesday
Kerry Arnold had a traumatic, close-range sighting in 2007 that destroyed his desire to be alone in the great outdoors…for life. With wife Linda’s nudging he created “Bigfoot Odyssey” as an outreach hoping to educate and expose the reality of the species, by documenting accounts of credible witnesses and researchers.  In addition to their “live” show they also go on site to create high-quality, long-form documentaries.

Coming soon, March 20, 2020 Kerry, along with Mark Zaskey of “Crypto-Reality” have pulled together a group of researchers to get solid evidence by spending several days in an undisclosed Florida swamp reported to be thick with Bigfoot/Skunk apes. Please support Expedition BDRP Odyssey.

Downright Surprising!: Peter C. Byrne
Peter Byrne is still in the news and still Squatching!
This notable researcher, now at 93 may have been the first to have possible Sasquatch hairs tested by the FBI over forty years ago. Read about that as well as new info he divulges about his infamous Himalayan Yeti tracks. You’ll find it all at CNBC.

I found this photo on a site called Stupid Blue Planet that was reviewing a 2012 movie called “Bigfoot” featuring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce. Can’t say that I watched it, but I have to ask; is it just me or does it also remind you of Kevin Bacon (as a BF of course)?

Disclaimer: Show Me Bigfoot is dedicated to the subject of Bigfoot which is reflected in the links it provides. While considerable effort is put forth in keeping this site as unbiased as possible, there are a few blatant hoaxers that are left off its pages. However, under most circumstances if a site is not listed it is likely new or overlooked, so please feel free to bring it to my attention. All Bigfoot images you see in page backgrounds are entirely fabricated except the one on the phone, it was real.