Most visiting this site are curious Bigfoot seekers interested in nothing more than finding the truth and this is no different for the people behind the hundreds of links listed throughout this site. Maybe YOU will be the next one listed; everyone has to start somewhere! So as you look through this index expect to find a variety of Squatcher’s that contribute in diverse ways; this site included.

As you might think a site named “Show Me Bigfoot” would be dedicated to finding the subject of its namesake! However, some destinations share multiple Cryptids and paranormal anomalies and will be listed if they have a fair amount of Bigfoot info.

While my goal is to provide as many links possible, their value will be considered before listing them. That’s not to say you won’t see controversial listings; after all one man’s blob Squatch may be a perfectly defined BF treasure to another.  However it’s also as likely they saw something credible, but as most they couldn’t get the camera on it fast enough. After all BF is the “Hide & Seek Champion”! So please don’t call “hoax” too quickly, keep your mind open and give them the benefit of doubt if you can. In the end, the breakdown guys will expose the money grubin’ hoaxers and they will be taken down.

Please enjoy this free service. Hope it helps you discover new material to watch and ponder the ways of Bigfoot!

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