Meet the Authors

We have many authors in our community who have put in book form some very informative as well as meticulously written novels, documentaries and guides. Many of them have turned researcher and are found within the pages of Show Me Bigfoot! Some had encounters that were life changing and shared their story to help us better appreciate that any one of us could stumble upon a “mythical creature” that many still say does not exist.


If you listen to Wes Germer’s Sasquatch Chronicles you may remember a guest named “Tommy” in episode 442: Sasquatch Saves a Child. Tommy has since written a book about his early life with monsters, including the one that was raising him. If you haven’t heard his story continue reading this snippet as it is truly terrifying… Read More

Kevin J Foster

Strange Days in the Hockomock Swamp
Kevin has had numerous encounters in Maine, Vermont and even the Everglades! He is the author of “Strange Days In The Hockomock Swamp” and has a FB page by the same name as well as a Youtube channel called Strange wilderness.  The Hockomaock Swamp is central to the Bridgewater Triangle which is an area of about 200 square miles (520 km2) within southeastern Massachusetts and full of dark and mysterious accounts. To check out Kevin’s encounters go to his “Scary Monsters” video.


For the past thirteen years, Noël has been a student of the Sasquatch species. His goal has been to learn all he can and to share this knowledge with the world through books. Learn as he learned through his writings that Sasquatch is not supernatural, but very much a living, breathing creature who has learned to utilize physics… Read More


Verde Brujo healer, Shaman, Ordained Minister, Business owner, Recreational Guide, Survivalist, Wildlife Specialist, Animal behaviorist, Tracker, Para-Crypto-Zoologist, and Published Author. Known as a wildlife specialist and expert in the field of outdoor survival often called on to track animals for study or…  Read More