If you listen to Wes Germer’s Sasquatch Chronicles you may remember a guest named “Tommy” in episode 442: Sasquatch Saves a Child. Tommy has since written a book about his early life with monsters, including the one that was raising him. You can find both the paperback and Kindle Edition on Amazon and it’s titled; The Agony of One Child’s Weeping. If you haven’t heard his terrifying story here’s the write up:

Minnesota, 1973. The true and terrifying story of an abused and tortured 12 year old child and his terrifying struggle to escape the ‘Monsters’ in his life. Experience firsthand one frightened and traumatized young boy’s graphic descriptions of escaping one tormentor only to fall prey to another and yet another! From Pedophiles to Child Abusing Manipulators! And an unbelievably violent, animal beating, child torturing farmer who under the disguise of a County funded ‘Foster Home’ inflicts the most Horrible Brutality that no small boy should ever have to survive!

This gripping story takes hold of your heart and your interest from page one, and never let’s go! Including a terrifying encounter with a 10 foot Female Sasquatch in the deep woods of Northern Minnesota, that will leave you a BELIEVER from someone who knows they exist! Ride along, as he fights to save a terrified young girl from the hands of a Merciless and violent Rapist, and their wild escape to freedom in the BEAST! You will find yourself, laughing, crying and cheering as this incredible drama unfolds in an exciting, descriptively honest way by this very talented new writer!

This book is written exactly as the author remembers it, with all the foul mouthed expletives and gory bloody descriptions and details that can only be properly and completely understood in their original verbiage. To ‘sugar coat’ or minimize the painful descriptions of trauma and abuse retold in this book, would also minimize its effectiveness as a reminder to us all, to be aware of the Dangerous Strangers stalking our children and of the unknown creatures that inhabit the forests of this country.