Timber-Giant-Bigfoot, otherwise known as “Jim” was always my go to Bigfoot channel. Yes I’m aware of the contingent of non-TGBF-believers, but I personally hold him in high regard as researcher and as a person of integrity. I’m sure most high profile researchers in this field deal with this as it’s the price you pay when you combine fame and a highly controversial subject!

Regardless of your opinion of TGBF, you will find it hard to argue he was one of the original YouTube, Bigfoot pioneers.  He started his channel as “South Western Ontario Bigfoot” back in 2010 and even then he was talking about a “forest full of arches” and perimeters made of logs.  In “Area Overview, pt4” He speaks of one of his best sightings about 10 years ago when he where he’s riding his mountain bike in the forest and came around the corner to see a large creature that turn and came directly towards him.  He turned to the right, down the hill on what is now a trail.  He and a friend came back to look the area over and found a depression with a shelter built over it.  This would have been sometime around 2000. I know people were seeing Bigfoot sign throughout the ages, but few were putting it on YouTube even in 2010.

The TGBF video links on this page represents content I feel is interesting and important pieces of a puzzle that may never be completed, but our community will continue to work on! It will constantly be tweaking this page so expect change. All entries are listed in chronological order.

Big Red Page

This page is dedicated to Jim’s narrated video and all the breakdowns that follow.

Show Me Bigfoot TGBF collection

An Offering Left on My Bike, After it was Moved (10:46)

My Notes:  This is how he got the claw/tooth necklace that you see him wearing.
Published on Jul 27, 2010
After recording some growls and tree knocks I headed back to were I had left my bike, about 55 minutes before. A vocalization is heard just before I say “hey”  (but I was distracted buy a tree waving back and forth and say that I heard the sound).  To find it was no longer were it was left and was now in a new spot not far away, with a snail shell on the seat. This is 15 km. from town and there was no other people around  I had only been about 200 ft from the bike at any time while recording. I had the feeling of being watched and so I looked at the shell and expressed how much I liked it, put it in my pocket then promptly left the area.


Yes This is a Sasquatch (0:17)

My Notes:  Yes this is a bit blobby, but I did see another video to back it up and will post it when I find it again. 🙂
Published on Nov 18, 2010
Here are two pics taken from the video Is this a Sasquatch, you can see it here on the Timbergiantbigfoot channel. As you can see this is one  large forest dweller, and was filmed in South Western Ontario, summer 2010.


November 21 Wildman Sighting as it Happened (6:54)

My Notes:  this is a recap of the Wildman sighting on 11/21/2011
Published on Jan 13, 2012
I’ve had people asking what happened after the sighting, so here is the footage.  I was out in the area checking on the candies I’d let in the preceding days as well as my hand saw I’d lost while leaving the candies. I was looking to the left of the screen until just after you hear me say what’s that, I then looked down at the camera which is pointing to my right up the hill. I then perused the dark shape I’d seen on the screen and for a split second disappearing behind the trees.


The Bush Does Measure Up (5:11)

My Notes:  features Dr. John Bindernagel reviewing Jim’s sighting of what may be Big Red behind the bush. (sighting was 2010)
Published on Oct 24, 2012
This should answer the question of how tall the bush is  that the a  creature of some sort  was recorded walking behind. And how far away the camera was. This was filmed from the exact same spot as the sighting video.

Holy Crap Look at That (5:34)

My Notes: That’s right!  You will see a big pile of scat similar to cow patty that was very near the shelter he and his boys built.
Published on Jan 23, 2013
Since I recorded this video, the snow squall has brought 4-6 inches of snow to the area.  So much for no snow in the forest.


Bigfoot Sighting, Silent Version (2:56)

My Notes: Another veersion of the Wildman sighting
Published on Feb 24, 2013
This should help show what happened shortly after recording the shape at the top of the ravine. I was still filming in the opposite dir. at the top of the hill and then began to film in the direction I was looking in the hopes of capturing something other than the shape that was nolonger there. At the time I thought that I possibly had seen a second shape to the left up on the hill top.


Three Shapes and the Fence says it Best (8:49)

My Notes: Jim shows a 13′ high fence from town to the river  Why?  (@ 5:30)
Published on May 6, 2013
It was a peculiar visit to the forest, trying a trail that I don’t often travel I encountered something that was not what it first seemed.


Plot Watcher in the Forest. (26:51)

My Notes:  Chris if you’re out there please contact me!
Published on Jul 4, 2013
In this video I put out a trail camera sent to us here by Chris at Billingsgatebigfoot. Thanks Chris for your help, it’s greatly appreciated.


A Sasquatch’s Attempt at Communication …………22/08/14 (20:05)

My Notes:  symbols on trail
Published on Aug 25, 2014
While out in the forest I came across two ground “signs”. Upon reviewing the video at home I came to a surprising conclusion concerning the second one on the video. That is, it is a face, I am now left to wonder what the meaning could be, or is this simply to show me they are watching me?
Another thing in this video is an example of curious coincidence caught on camera with no trickery . But like I said these thing happen all the time.


Not your average Sasquatch (7:49)

My Notes: Paradolia! Meet the monster at 3:56
Published on Sep 13, 2014
There seems to be quite a lot of people seeing this shape in the video and attributing it to being a sasquatch, however I had some doubt that I could have been so close to such a creature and not see it. So I’ve gone out and laid this misperception to rest. Sorry for dashing your hopes, I know I had wanted to supporting evidence showing it was the real deal but it was not so. I’ll keep searching. For me this is all part of the challenge.


A video is worth a thousand words 9/22/14. (7:06)

My Notes:  Thinker Thunker
Published on Sep 22, 2014
I was asked many times if I had seen TT”s video on the Giant Revealed, and this is my response to those who want to know my opinion on his video. I’d like to say here thank you to Thinker Thunker for his time as well as his going ahead with on this video. It was well done and with  to be done with a level head. These are things that seem to be rare on the web as I have found from personal experience.  Thank you again.
Here’s Thinker Thunker’s breakdown:


Footprints say it best – the Bushman is still around… 12/15/14 (21:37)

My Notes: 14″ track, old shelter/new shelter, walking stick moved, Big Red location
Published on Dec 16, 2014
These are a few footprints found along a trail that I use to get to where the shelter is. The previous day we heard persistent wood knocking while in this part of the forest and while we worked on the winter shelter. All three of my sons were very aware of the sounds that came from the river valley and agreed they sounded like wood knocking heard before in or near this location. Upon leaving the area we found one footprint that stood out on the trail, and now I have found two others. It is obvious we were under some degree of observation as suspected when I found the “walking stick” broken on the ground as well.


The Watcher Makes an Appearance, Seems I’m Never Alone……30/05/15 (19:16)

My Notes: Around 9:30 you see what could be a “creature”
Published on May 30, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me, it seems that If I say it – it happens – well not always. but this could be a video showing just that. As I’m talking about being watched by a individual and how they might go about it I seem to catch him in action. First a shape is seen walking back in the forest , then quickly get down with only it’s head showing. The next time the location captured on camera he is seemingly on all fours watching me progress along a trail in the forest. This was only noticed while at home assembling the video. I will say here and now this is only an observation that I have made, and I’ve been wrong before.


Wait Until You See This – Weird Stuff …. 15/06/15 (16:52)

My Notes: Jims critics will tear this one up, but I think it is as he states.
Published on Jun 15, 2015
This was a morning like most others – on my way into the forest this time to look at something mentioned by a viewer – Susie. But upon nearing the part of the forest that I watch, a sharp vocalization was heard off to my LEFT. Then after getting the camera out and turned on there was a yelling voice heard off to the Right seemingly not far away in the forest. I expected to see a person with perhaps a dog acting bad, but no there was nothing, no footprints, no person, no dog.  just me holding the camera wondering what was going on. Watch the video for yourself, is that a mimicked voice or ….. forest ghost. ?? It sounded very real to me. Yes I didn’t have the file settings right , sorry about the video size .


Sasquatch And The Flying Stone…10/12/16 (13:17)

My Notes:  Again his critics will tear this one up so depending who you are…  (go straight to the bloody lip @ 10:43)
Published on Oct 13, 2016
This video shows the stone creations of what I call the forest man, and it also show that “he” is able to get my attention by throwing stones. I would like to say that even though I knew the direction that the stone had come from there was no other sounds or movement that I could detect.