It’s Real, Deal With It!

Unfortunately, anything taken with a camera device can be hoaxed with today’s technology, making it impossible to prove the existence of Bigfoot in this manner. Even worse, the stealthy nature of Sasquatch does not lend itself to up close, clear and crispy shots. With improved software combined with logical thinking, subtle details may reveal new light on an old opinion.

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Mississippi Skunk Ape

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This video is from a channel called “Josh Highcliff” and was uploaded to YouTube on October 23, 2013.  It is the only video on his channel and he has no contact information and appears to be missing in Bigfoot action!  He has a Facebook page under that name on the same date, but there is no activity since its creation.  With this many claim hoax.  I feel the video content is to good to be ignored and don’t see it as fake.

It has been analyzed by Bigfoot Tony , MK Davis and Phil Poling. Of those breakdowns only Phil claims it is not conclusive and possible BS.  I respect all three opinions!  FYI, this is not a breakdown!  Just my opinion . . .