Since there is so much on TGBF Big Red it warrants its own page. This page features video from Jim as well as various breakdown techs. I will also include their comments with their videos, so please enjoy!



The Giant Revealed, Narrated, with The Missing Clips (59:58)

Published on Dec 9, 2013
This is the video many have been waiting for. I’ve tried to cover all points of interest in the video. The offer for the release of this video should be made payable to one of the following. Dr.J Bindernagel in British Columbia Canada, The World Wildlife Fund, or Conservation International. This should be documented and posted for all to see on YouTube as proof of it’s having been carried through.
I rather doubt any money will ever change hands as there will always be some point that the maker of the offer will certainly play upon. You will hear me refer to the video as pathetic, I’m referring to the lack skill displayed in recording it during a rather tense few minutes. Looking back on it is easy to say what I should have done and Yes I am my own worse critic.

I offer this video in good faith, showing the creature filmed on that day as I had encountered it.


The Break Downs:

MK Davis

Timbergiant “A Giant Revealed” rock steady stabilization by M.K.Davis (3:01)

Published on Mar 25, 2015
This video takes on a whole new life with intense stabilization and enhancement. The end of the video is extremely interesting.

Timbergiant gets Bigfoot profile on camera with stabilization and enhancement by M.K.Davis (0:15)

Published on Mar 25, 2015
Intense stabilization and enhancement makes this video even more remarkable. What are we looking at?

Timbergiant Bigfoot Video…A Second Walker Found (0:20)

Published on Apr 2, 2015
In addition to a large figure walking away to the left , there is this enigmatic figure that is escaping at a fast pace off to the right. This video has been highly stabilized to get an highly accurate look for these kind of details. These kind of details strongly indicate that this is not a hoaxed video. A hoaxer engineers into a video what they want and that is all that can be gained from it. In this video, it continues to yield data that was unseen without technology. I argue for the authenticity of the video. Only Timbergiant himself can change my mind on this one.

Timbergiant video…The First Walker (0:17)

Published on Apr 2, 2015
At the top of the frame you will see a dark figure that walks to the left slowly.This is a highly magnified and stabilized view of it. It is one of at least two individuals in Timbergiant’s video that are walking. This one I label…The First Walker. The second is smaller and faster.


Thinker Thunker

ThinkerThunker – Timbergiantbigfoot – New Discoveries!!! (15:01)

Published on Sep 19, 2014
TimberGiantBigfoot took A LOT of heat after posting his “Giant Revealed” footage. Critics blasted him saying it was a bear, a man in a monkey suit, etc … Whatever it was; it wasn’t alone 🙂

TimbergiantBigfoot’s “Giant Revealed” UPDATE (ThinkerThunker) (7:31)

Published on Apr 19, 2016
This is some of the most amazing footage I’ve ever seen. Yet … there are those who believe all we’re seeing is a bear. But would a bear be able to do what we’re seeing here …? You decide. Gorilla pic licensed from fotosearch


Tri Diver

Bigfoot, Bear, Hoax? You decide (9:31)

Published on Jun 17, 2016
Footage from 2013 claims to show a bigfoot. This video shows evidence that may disprove that.


Robin Verret

TimberGiant’s Big Red Sasquatch and A Few Close Friends (6:14)

Published on Feb 28, 2014
This is a comment video on the now infamous “Sasquatch Observed in the Forest –uncut Giant Revealed” video posted by TimberGiant Bigfoot. A number of people have chimed in with comments on items such as “The background Squatch” or “Background Walker Squatch”, the “jogger” and “barking dog” etc. Most have been an attempt to disprove the video to show that it was a hoax. I try to take a different approach, looking for things that might actually validate the subject of the video. I’ve never doubted the reality of this video and I think once you see this video you’ll understand why. Oh, I’m sure there will be someone who attempt to debunk me, but that’s OK. I know the truth.

At about the 4:10 mark in the original video a white object, which appears just to the left of the big red Sasquatch, moves from left to right under the brush. Then again at the 4:18 mark what ever moved from left to right seems to literally jump up in the brush and rush off. But after studying this video carefully, I don’t think it is one but many subjects. I think that the big red Sasquatch that allows itself to be seen is a decoy or distraction, diverting TimberGiant’s attention away from the group attempting to flee from the scene. It obviously worked, since I’ve never heard him mention anything of the sort regarding this time frame in the video. Watch this comment video objectively and you’ll understand what I am describing to the viewers.


S Richard Longacher

Close Up of Real Bigfoot (Timbergiant)*Big Red* (1:10)

Published on Jun 4, 2014
This is presented for educational purposes only.
After studying the footage provided by Timbergiantbigfoot,I have concluded that it is the very best footage that has been provided to conclusively confirm the existence of Bigfoot yet to be shown public.