Shootys Graphix Bigfoot Websites

As I’ve mentioned I build websites.  This site, Show Me Bigfoot was my first Bigfoot website and was done out of necessity as I thought someone needed to organize as many Bigfoot links as possible into a convenient, one stop website free for all to use.  I certainly had the skills to do so as I’ve been building website since 2010 after I started Shooty’s Graphix, not to mention I had a lot of links to Bigfoot already in my head as I’ve done a lot of Bigfoot surfing cyber space!  In 2014 I started building websites using the WordPress platform and while I’ve built a lot of them, until recently they haven’t been Bigfoot websites.  Show Me Bigfoot was my first, quickly followed by Ozark Mountain Sasquatch, of which I am a proud member of the OMS Team and as soon as it’s completed will be listed here as well.  It has been a very gradual build.

Check out the links below.  Let me know if you’re interested in a website: