Verde Brujo healer, Shaman, Ordained Minister, Business owner, Recreational Guide, Survivalist, Wildlife Specialist, Animal behavioralist, Tracker, Para-Crypto-Zoologist, and Published Author.

Spends about 60 hours per week in the outdoors studying wild animals. Known as a wildlife specialist and expert in the field of outdoor survival often called on to track animals for study or live capture.

An easy going person that prefers outdoors over population.

Born in the month of the hunter’s moon. Birth mother was a mixed breed, Czechoslovakian, French, and Hunkpappa Sioux on her mother’s side, and German, Bohemian, Scottish, on her father’s side. Don’s biological father was of the Voda family who has blood lines to Eastern 6 nations, Tonawanda Band.

Adopted by his grandparents, would lead to a life filled with outdoor adventures of all sorts on the large family wooded farm. By age 9, he began as a pupil under Ben Standing Crow, an Iroquois Shaman. Strange dreams and visions, plus Don’s kinship with wild forest animals made Ben see that. He was destined to be a powerful shaman someday, and he was right.

Before Ben’s death in 91, Don finished his long years of tutoring, and was honored the title 3rd rank in the False Face Society. He continued to see strange things whether in nature, vision or dreams, and one of these sightings lead to his involvement with cryptid groups and movie networks interested in experiences.

After his Grandmothers death, he furthered knowledge in healing, and studied under Curanderos of Mazatec native culture. After four long years was ordained a shaman with the Pagan Latino title, Verde Brujo.

Don studied wildlife up close his entire life, or at least since 1970. Learning animal behavior, habitation, foraging and bedding techniques, movements and migration, various diseases, plus each species adaptations to plants for self-medication. Later he would complete an online College course for Zoology, finally receiving his certificate of the online course completion.

Don looks back and realizes he did not learn much over what was already known, and in fact came to the conclusion real education is done 1st hand in the field and not within a classroom. Zoology taught in a class room, is a good starting point, but for solid education one must seek the hands on approach. Don continues to have regular small research expeditions to educate others of forest spirits, wildlife and cryptids.