Papua New Guinea Cryptid Research Organization

(Pictured above are:  Tamti, Rodney, Rex, Alex, Bennett, Clifford, Albert, Cameron, Yossi and Kelly.)

Editor’s Notes
This group was founded by Rex Yapi. Currently they are most in need of a camera so they can at least show what is going on in their research. It is essentially virgin territory and deserves research. Here is Rex’s story:

Papua New Guinea is in the southwest Pacific has vast tropical rain forests which are thick and still virgin or untouched by human exploitation’s. Many years have gone by but even the indigenous people have never disturbed the wild. They live with nature and it flows within their cultures, beliefs and practices.

Sasquatch is not a new fellow here on this land of many wonders. Sasquatch lives side by side with my people harmoniously. We call these big guys as Lama Ango (bush man) or Tono Ango (mountain man). When an Ango is seen at mountain tops he is called Tono Ango. When this Ango is seen below the jungle ranges he is called Lama Ango. These two Angos are synonymous. We also have mountain spirits who airlifted some of our locals like my grannie Epei. Epei is my dad Yapi’s father.

A lot of Bigfoot activities are still intact and undisturbed even today because many of our tropical forests are no-go- zones. Which means without proper traditional navigational skills not even us natives can go into these forests as we will be lost and even face death.

I saw a flying pterosaur called Ropen here on Umboi Island. My sighting has positioned me to have a passion or craving to do research in all forms of cryptids. Thus, I am the first indigenous cryptid researcher here in Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands region as a whole. Cryptid sounds like a very stupid thing to my people here. Even my government squeezes my papers lobbying for recognition and support. Also my research for the past 12 years in flying pterosaur has been on ad hoc basis with a single camcorder.

Now, in 2020, I have formed my cryptid research group called “Papua New Guinea Cryptid Research Organization” (PNGCRO) officially to do Sasquatch and other cryptids researches all around this entire country. I have my local boys who work with me on a voluntary basis. I can’t submit their names because I don’t permanently recruit them. When I want to do jungle runs anytime, I pick up anyone who agrees to follow me as this is unpaid and risky job in the jungles. So my helpers are at risk every now and then.

You can link up with Rex just go to Facebook to their page: Papua New Guinea Cryptid Research Organization